Neo-Psychobilly from East Germany!

In the deepest depth of Germany's wild, wild East three rats called Anna Killjoy, Mutant Ann and Invincible Vinc scraped their living by being tormented for new medical innovations for the human race. Chance brought it about, that in summer 2009 a huge detonation shook the ground and the rats were flushed out of the lab by a flood of strange, uninvestigated chemicals. To survive out there they started to play some rockin' instruments. Soon, they created some weird oldschool sounds and spread out to infiltrate the psychobilly scene and propagate their songs at festivals like the Satanic Stomp, the Psychomania Rumble or the Bedlam Breakout.

In 2012 guitar rat Invincible Vinc got lost in the jungle of subcultural music styles. A gloomy phantom called Flatty Killjoy joined the Retarded Rats adding more darkness and energy to their sound. In this constellation they recorded their first album „Lost In Space and Lost In Time“ which was released on Suzy Q Records. Till 2015 they played many gigs in Germany, England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Italy. In the same year they released their first 7inch „Underground Is Dead“ on Killjoy Records.


Unfortunately drum rat Mutant Ann's mind succumbs to the impact of the chemical treatment in the past. That's why Gordon Melmac joined the Retarded Rats on drums in November 2015. With him the trash'n'garage factor grew. The second album "Screams From The 10th Planet" was recorded, pressed on vinyl and promoted through a lot of shows in Europe. But Gordon couldn't handle the degenerating dementia that went hand in hand with the life on the road for a long time. As well as his successor Kris who joined and left the band in 2017 after the release of "I Hate Chocolate" - flexi disc release on Killjoy Records and another hughe Europe tour. Flatty also got lost somewhere on the 10th Planet in the beginning of 2018 whilst Gordon Melmac found his way back on the drums. Together with Maximum Degenerated on guitar The Retarded Rats continue their misson in a wild and reckless manner starting with a tour in Japan.

So prepare yourself for a wild and dirty psychobilly sound with trashy garage elements when the Retarded Rats come to your town!

Diskographie / Discography

Rubber Room DEMO(n)S - CD  (2010, self-released)

V.A. It Came From The Zone - LP (2011, Suzy Q Records)

Lost In Space And Lost In Time - LP (2013, Suzy Q Records/2015, Killjoy Records)

Lost In Space And Lost In Time - MC (2013, self-released)

Underground Is Dead - 7" (2015, Killjoy Records)

Screams From The 10th Planet - LP/MC (2016, Killjoy Records/2017 Eat That Rat Records + Killjoy Records)

I Hate Chocolate - Flexi Disc (2017, Killjoy Records)

V.A. Nighttime Syndicate - 7" (2019, Rude Runner Records)

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